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Microchip 16F877A MicroMaster

MicroMaster is the professional PIC16 development board based on PIC16F877A to help you develop control applications in assembly with tight code size and cost constraints. This is a collection of small projects or code libraries which can be used in your projects.
If you are looking for The hardware and software details for implementing
� Seven Segment LED displays
� LCD Modules
� Temperature sensors and displays
� Voltage measuring
� EEPROM memory interfacing
� Real Time Clock Interfacing
� Keyboard interfacing
� RS-232 interface to Personal Computers
� Infrared remote control Implementation
� DTMF detection and decoding
� Frequency counter up to 30Mhz
All the source code provided with complete schematics in CD ROM which can be used as a template for your application designs. Projects with detailed comments to facilitate learning even for a novice.
No need of a separate device Programmer to burn the code- MicroMaster has a built in code down loader!User friendly GUI for Hex files transfer with serial port interface.
Want to develop a new project wih a completely different hardware ?
It is possible! All the ports of MicroMaster have connectors. Connect your target circuitry to MicroMaster and download the code with click of a button and test your new circuits and code instantly!
Automate your electronics shack using MicroMaster!
When not used as a trainer kit use this as a remote control to switch devices on and off, use as a frequency counter and scheduler to switch on devices like fan, lights ,TV or any electrical device at any time you select in advance!