Ver 1 Of RCP Apparatus

Hotel Room

This device is designed for one of our Indian Clients. This devices monitors each room of a hotel fo

Migration Test

Used for testing the chloride Migration Coefficient of Concrete, Mortar and Cement Based Repair Mate

Welcome to Uroboros Technologies

UroBoros Technologies was founded in 2012 by a team of Engineers who has more than 10 years of experience in Embedded Systems and automation. The main objective was to provide Embedded design services for the industry as well as develop own products in the same field.

We have designed development and training tools for Microcontroller Industry as well as training establishments. Comprised with a excellent team of Electronic and software professionals with a sound backup of management and public relations wing, we presently constitutes a work force which are poised to play a dominant role in the Microcontroller and DSP scenario.

The Microcontroller industry is an integral part of the modern electronics landscape. It has enabled unprecedented levels of computing power to be incorporated into the most advanced electronics and consumer products. From automotives to consumer electronics, microcontrollers have significantly improved the performance of many everyday devices.


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