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RCP Test Apparatus

We have designed the firmware and PC software for the system for our Middle east Client, - LabTech Scientific Instruments

RCP Test Apparatus is used for the measurement of the electrical resistance of concrete against the penetration of chloride (RCPT) according to the standard methods such as ASTM C1202, AASHTO T277 and ASTM C1760. The measurement data can be used to estimate the chloride diffusion coefficient of concrete for the life prediction and design of concrete structures as well as the durability-based quality control of concrete. Our devices are certified for rapid chloride penetrability test in concrete laboratories and its measuring cell sizes are according to the ASTM and AASHTO specifications.

1. Models from 6 channels to 12 channels are available
2. Simultaneous as well as independent channel testing possible
3. Temperature Probe with +/- 1 C accuracy for each channel
4. Automatic recording of current, voltage and temperature readings at intervals
5. LC Display with live readings of channels scrolling
6. Measuring technique: closed loop maintained 60 V DC potential difference, passed Current measured and integrated relative to time
7. Accuracy: +/- 0.1 V, +/- 1 mA, +/- 1 C
8. Predict Value shown to assess the test track from first reading onwards
9. Short circuit and over current protection built in - in software as well as hardware
10. Individual channels can be started or stopped at any time.
11. Readings printout in a compact and consolidated format for easiness of result calculations
12. LED indication for each active channels
13. Test running Time for each channel shown in LCD
14. All channels live readings can be scrolled or paused on the LCD

project features

Complete data of the last test are stored in memory of each channel and can print out at any time later or immediately

Heavy duty POS Thermal printer with Built in automatic paper cutter and Power supply

Full Auto, Semi Auto and Manual Models available