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Migration Test Apparatus

Used for testing the chloride Migration Coefficient of Concrete, Mortar and Cement Based Repair Materials from non-steady-state migration experiments. The method is applicable to hardened specimens cast in the laboratory or drilled from field structures. The chloride migration coefficient determined by the method is a measure of the resistance of the tested material to chloride penetration.
The chloride migration test has been widely used in recent years to evaluate the chloride penetrability and thereby the durability of concrete.
Fully backlit LCD display with LED indication for each channel running, and each channel can be switched ON / OFF
with a push button
Optional: - Power backup even in the event of power failure equipment can work till test is completed.
All the data will remain displayed even when the test duration is over and is suitable for unattended test situations.

project features

Convenient water seal type, specimen quick fixing mechanism for ease of operation

Voltage transfer disc made as per standard along with red and black banana wire supplied for each channel.

Body - Fully Acrylic Construction with Stainless Steel Locks.

Plastic support at 32 Degree Angle as specified in the nordtest test method to hold the specimen