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USB Data Aqusition System

This module converts the kit into a Data Logger example project with full source code supplied.
This module is implemented as a two part software project. One part is the Embedded Firmware running inside the development board PIC Micro, and the other is a windows application running on a PC. The PIC firmware implemented using MPLAB C-18 compiler communicates with the Windows application developed in C# and exchanges data through USB.
What are the functions implemented in this module?
This module is designed so that this kit can be converted into a intelligent data logger. The MCU in the board, PIC18F4550 has got a built in USB engine and transceiver which is configured to make this board a HID USB device. Human Interface Device is a class which has got built in drivers in windows. We selected this class because we don\'t have to provide special drivers to use this device in PC.
The device when plugged in will be detected by windows and then our application will show status that device is online. Now we can start to acquire data into PC. The analogue and digital temperature data, Voltage available in the board, Time on the battery backed up real time clock in the board and potentiometer reading in the board will be collected by the windows application and shown on screen with the look of instrumentation controls. The PC application can accept data from the user like string for LCD, seven segment digit etc which can be send to board to be updated there. If you have that CAN add on card also purchased and connected to this Development board, this module can acquire transmitted data from that remote peripherals also. See CAN add-on Peripheral page for details.
The complete source code with project will be provided in this package. The project is done in such a way that you can modify it easily for your needs. just change the data loaded to the exchange packet and decode at both ends appropriately. the communication link is already established.
With this project in your reach with basic knowledge of PIC and C# programming , you can implement a USB peripheral.


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